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All products are avaliable during the whole year. The marketing size is that permitted by law, made in 1 KG BAGS or 10, 20 or 23 KG BOXES. We have several fresh and frozen products. Following a short description of our best sold products:

  • SARDINE - Sardina pilchardus (Walbaum, 1792)

    Blue color fish with green and silver reflexes on the bowel. It lives on superficial waters, where it forms big shoals which aproximate to the coast at the end of spring and summer.

    They can reach the length of 25 cm. They achieve their sexual maturity at the end of it's first year of life (13 cm).

    Sardina pilchardus Sardina pilchardus
  • Trachurus trachurus

    HORSE MACKEREL - Trachurus trachurus (Linné, 1758)

    Elongated body fish, sharp snout and big (like it's eyes) and sloping mouth. It has transparent branchias, little flakes and, as most distinctive characterist, it's lateral stripe, formed by flakes with extended "s" form. Horse Mackerel's colour changes among grey, greenish and bluish on the back with metallic reflexes, being the sidewall silvery grey and the bowel white.

    It has a black spot behind the head at eye level. They achieve their sexual maturity during the second year of life (22 cm) and they breed in summer months. It's a typical capture of the galician purse seine fleet.

  • Scomber scombrus

    MACKEREL - Scomber scombrus (Linné, 1758)

    Elongated greenish and bluish body fish, with vertical black stripes and a silvery bowel with white tinges. It has a kind of flippers (pinnules) next to the tail, both on the back and on the bowel.

    It has an edgy head and it can reach the length of 50 cm. They achieve their sexual maturity after two or three years and they breed between May and June.

  • Scomber japonicus

    STARLING - Scomber japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782)

    Esmerald green and blue coloured fish, silvery white on the bowel. It looks like the Mackerel, but the difference is on the spots on it's back instead of the stripes.

    It accomplishes large migrations, eating little fish and crustacean.

  • SQUID - Loligo gahi

    Patagonian squid from southwest Atlantic area FAO 41.

    Our company makes a product elaboration in various formats, like: sheath, chopped or peeled. The presentation of the product is in bag and bulk IQF or block tray.

    Loligo gahi Loligo gahi Loligo gahi
  • OCTOPUS - Octopus vulgaris (Lamarck, 1798)

    Octopus from Morocco central-east Atlantic FAO 34.

    Product individually packaged in various formats such as tray or bag. The octopus is packaged without eyes and without mouth.

    Octopus vulgaris Octopus vulgaris
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